Eddie Who?

Eddie Breen is my ‘brush-name’, I am also known as Chris Sammartano. Here at Breen Studios, tired art is carefully crafted in the Piggyback Art process, revitalized with new paint and meaning. Art side effects, though rare, may include dizziness, nausea and existential despair! 

Whenever I paint something, I have to chuckle, I can’t help myself. I’m the guy in high school who would sit in the library and deface photos of fashion models and politicians in magazines. I’d black out their teeth, white out their eyes and scribble in devil horns and beards. I guess I’m still doing it.

I’ve sold hundreds of paintings to collectors all over the United States and Europe. Articles about my art have appeared in major US newspapers and magazines as well as internationally in Vogue Italia, The Guardian and Lufthansa in-flight magazine(weird!). My art is collected by a Texas rancher, government workers, teachers, more than a few lawyers, a McMurdo station worker(Antarctic), movie producer, ad agency guys, housewives, artists and lots of other off-kilter individuals it gratifies me to know are out there. And many of these people haven’t stopped at one, some buying as many as 30 paintings over the years.


1956 – 98 nothing much happens and Breen never gets into the Whitney Biennial

December 2000 – two man show – Musselman Gallery, Provincetown, MA

January or February 2001 – Panelist – RISD – ‘Marketing Your Art On The Internet’

February 2002 – ‘Breenapalooza!’ Artist-in-Residence, Richard F. Brush Art Gallery, St. Lawrence University February

2003 – ‘Lost and Found Show’ Forbidden Gallery, Dallas, TX

July 2003 – ‘Piggyback Art Show'(group show) City Arts, Wichita Kansas

2002 – 2005 – ‘Revelations and Reflections of American Self Taught Artists’ touring group show by Exhibits USA

2010 – Showing at ID: Art.Design in Healdsburg, CA

2012 - Breenapalooza II! Turners Falls, MA

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