Capn' Coral

$1000.00 USD

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This is a YUGE piece! Acrylic on oil? on stretched canvas about 41" X 29" including painted frame,  

This is a rebreened captain. The original was lightly breened, more of a conceptual piece based on the large sea captain dreaming of his days at sea with a smaller tiny ship/ ocean on the canvas. My first thought was to turn him into a little bit of a sea monster with the type - "Alas! Giant Captains must walk in the sea behind their ships because they're too big to fit inside!" That was a pretty good joke but not much of a painting and I was never satisfied with it. So I repainted it for my recent show and put the old guy into a bathtub and made his head into coral with a fish bottom lip. His ship is now a bathtub toy. The text says, "The captain preferred a nice hot bath in coral seas" He'll be much more comfortable there soaking for awhile!

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