A new me, an old me.

Recently someone offered me a show in the local gallery here in Ipswich. Since I haven’t really done any painting in the past five years and had nothing to show, I said yes! This forced me to get back into a routine of thinking about painting and executing my ideas, getting disciplined again.

Yaay! I’m back! 

But most of you are probably gone, having shaken off your Breen fever years ago.  And who could blame you. But the funny thing is, after I got back into the groove, and starting producing again, giggling the whole time, I realized I missed the experience, the therapy of it. So here we go again!

I also created a new website so you can see whats new, what’s for sale, more easily peruse my past work, and also click over to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  And while I stopped painting for awhile, I never stopped collecting art to paint on

See you in the gallery!

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